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Photo of Joe Rodriguez"The newest cyber-frontier is the old neighborhood. . . . The power of this Web page is that it allows residents to send electronic messages to each other at any time. Once organized, they can communicate more easily and quickly, and invite City Hall to take a look and act. They don't have to rely so much on time-consuming meetings and mass mailings. . . . The Web allows neighborhood groups to highlight the little indignities that undermine urban life. Graffiti, petty drug dealing, public drunkenness, unkempt public parks, under-funded library branches and recreation - all the little neglects that say anything goes here and nobody gives a damn - the sort of stuff easily posted on the Web."

- Joe Rodriguez, San Jose Mercury News, December 27, 1998

If you are a Northside resident, business owner or member of another San Jose neighborhood group, please join Northside's E-Mail discussion group sponsored by Yahoo by following the instructions below!

You will receive up-to-the-minute bulletins from NNA on events and issues relevant to the neighborhood. You can also send messages to Northside's online community. Once you have joined, in order to send mail to the list, you simply address your message to When replying to messages, simply use the "reply to all" feature of your email program to send the response back to the entire list.

By subscribing to the Northside E-Mail Group on Yahoo, you have agreed to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use.

If you ever want to unsubscribe, please send an email to and put "unsubscribe" in your subject line.

Join the NNA E-Mail Group!
Click here to sign up for the Northside Neighborhood Association Yahoo Group. To access the advanced capabilities of Yahoo! Groups you need to have a Yahoo! ID associated with your email address. You can set this up at: Click on "Register" (upper right corner) if you don't have a Yahoo! ID, then click on "Join This Group!" once you have a Yahoo! ID.

Registering for a Yahoo ID will enable the user with enhanced features, but it is not necessary. If you don't do anything and have previously registered with listbot, everything continues to work just like it did in listbot (send/receive email). Existing list members do not need to do anything further to continue receiving NNA messages.

Northside E-Mail Group Terms and Conditions

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