The NNA Board

The NNA's Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the neighborhood. They meet monthly to formulate goals and track efforts toward reaching them. If you're interested in getting involved with the Board, please contact our president.

NNA's mission, as defined by our bylaws, is:

  1. To improve and beautify the Northside through encouraging upkeep of homes and streets, through teamwork and cooperation of members of the NNA and with support of the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara and other governmental and community organizations.

  2. To inform members of NNA through this website, newsletters, meetings and other means of communication, of events occurring in the Northside or otherwise of interest to members.

  3. To encourage members to actively participate in the activities that benefit Northside, including but not limited to blight, removing litter, combatting violence, and supporting Northside's parks, libraries, community centers and schools.

  4. To encourage members to identify with the neighborhood through social functions, such as flea markets, neighborhood barbecues, parades, community gardens, clean-up campaigns and similar events.

  5. Any other lawful purpose which generally benefits Northside or its membership.

Current Board of Directors

Chuck Hagenmeier

Gus Vargas
Vice President

Ed Berger

Bonnie Ross

Leo Bevilacqua

Don Gagliardi

Jesus Gomez

Cathy Novello

Joe Rodriguez

Nili Gold

Victoria Ortiz

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