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Don Gagliardi

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Blood, Sweat & Tears Award: Joe Golda
Heart & Soul of San Jose Award: Debbie Bybee

San Jose Beautiful Awards

Northside Neighborghood Association 18th Street Volunteer Garden
Friends of Backesto
13th Street NAC & Neighborhood Housing Services for Paint-a-Thon

Live Oak Award

The Live Oak Award is presented quarterly to an individual or group who materially improves or assists the Northside neighborhood, the neighborhood association, or one or more of its residents in the upkeep or beautification of the neighborhood. Current NNA board members and their families are ineligible.

Send nominations for Live Oak Awards to Don Gagliardi.

Winter 2005  George Acosta
N. 15th St. resident George Acosta was the Winter 2005 recipient of NNA’s Live Oak Award.  Acosta, who weekly sweeps a large part of his street before trash pickup, is part of a six-generation Northside family who traces its California roots back to the pre-Spanish period.  He has raised his kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids in the neighborhood.  Recently, Acosta lent his experience with concrete to the Backesto Gateways Project. George Acosta
Fall 2004  Marco Ramirez
N. 14th St. resident Marco Ramirez is NNA's Fall 2004 Live Oak Award recipient.  Ramirez, who runs a concrete contracting firm, loaned us his Bobcat, dump services, one of his employees, and his labor to assist the Northside Parkstrip Project in removing concrete from unlandscaped parkstrips, reducing the time and effort involved exponentially. Marco Ramirez
Summer 2004  Mary Collins
Northside Bocce Club chair Mary Collins, who lives on Monferino Dr., was the Summer 2004 NNA Live Oak Award recipient.  Collins leads the effort to keep up the bocce courts.  She assisted with the NNA 2002 bocce clinic and the inaugural Columbus Day Bocce Tournament in 2003, and in 2004 jump-started a summer bocce league with teams competing for the Northside Cup. Mary Collins
Spring 2004  Joe Golda
Former NNA boardmember Joe Golda, a resident of N. 14th St. was the Spring 2004 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award.  Golda, a tireless neighborhood activist, is chair of the Friends of Backesto Park, spearheads the Northside Parkstrip Garden Project and Backesto Park Gateways Project, and has inspired a whole generation of Northside activists with his enthusiasm for bettering his community. Joe Golda
Winter 2004  Nat Robinson
N. 14th St. resident Nat Robinson received the Winter 2004 NNA Live Oak Award.  Robinson is a regular and extremely active volunteer in the Northside Parkstrip Garden Project and the Backesto Park Gateways Project.  He also volunteered at the 13th St. NAC booth at the 2003 Northside Flea Market as well as at the inaugural Northside Columbus Day Bocce Tournament.  Nat Robinson
Fall 2003  Ron & Jenneke DeVries
Former NNA boardment Ron DeVries and his wife Jenneke were the Fall 2003 awardees of NNA's Live Oak Award.  The DeVries' (including baby daughter Annabella), who recently moved to Willow Glen from their Empire St. home, hosted NNA's halloween glow-in-the dark necklace giveaways, and were charter members of the Northside Parents Group.  Ron also arranged for 4-way stop signs at the intersections of N. 15th and Empire & Jackson Sts.  Ron DeVries
Summer 2003 Frank Barnard
North 15th St. resident Frank Barnard is the Summer 2003 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and will be honored at the Columbus Day bocce tournament.  Barnard is NNA's webmaster, faithfully comes out on Sunday afternoons to help on NNA's Parkstrip Garden Project, and serves on the 13th St. NAC traffic subcommittee and on the Friends of Backesto Park, to both of which he donates considerable time and energy.   Frank Barnard
Spring 2003 Carrie Doolittle
Terrace Drive resident Carrie Doolittle is the Spring 2003 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at NNA's June 7, 2003 annual barbecue in Backesto Park.  Doolittle, a nurse, chairs the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative subcommittee to save San Jose Medical Center, downtown's only hospital.  She spends countless hours behind the scenes on the project, including organizing a town hall meeting with elected representatives in March 2003. Carrie Doolittle
Winter 2003 Kristine Gregory
North 21st St. resident Kristine Gregory was the Winter 2003 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award.  Gregory helped found the Friends of Watson Park, was instrumental in mobilizing neighbors to defeat a proposed drug rehab center in 2002 and is active in the Northside Parkstrip Garden Project. Kristine Gregory
Fall 2002 Carm Grande
Carm Grande was the Fall 2002 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at NNA's holiday potluck on December 4, 2002 at Watson Center.  Grande spearheaded the renovation of the Backesto Park bocce courts, which by summer 2002, were far enough along for NNA to host with Grande's help a free bocce clinic. Carm Grande
Summer 2002 Tess Scharaga
Calumet Ct. resident Tess Scharaga was the Summer 2002 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at NNA's September 4 general meeting. Scharaga designed the tile mural depicting bunnies, butterflies and opossums installed by residents on the retaining wall at the playground in Watson Park in 1999 and 2000. Tess Scharaga
Spring 2002 Al Correa
N. 16th St. resident Al Correa was the Spring 2002 recipient of NNA's June 8 Ellington Library Celebration. Correa was an instrumental volunteer in NNA's ongoing Parkstrip Garden Project. Al Correa
Winter 2002 Gabrielle Wilder
N. 18th St. resident Gabrielle Wilder received NNA's quarterly Live Oak Award for Winter 2002. A former NNA board member, Wilder designed, coordinated the installation of, and has for several years supervised the maintenance of, NNA's award-winning volunteer garden along N. 18th St. at the corner of Empire St. Gabrielle Wilder
Fall 2001 Robyne Horn
Former N. 21st resident Robyne Horn is the Fall 2001 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at NNA's December 6 Potluck. Horn, a registered nurse who was forced to move outside the neighborhood after her landlord chose to occupy her rental house, served many years on NNA's board, the last several as secretary to the group. Horn was also an active member of NNA's flea market committee. Robyne Horn
Summer 2001 Vicky Ortiz
N. 19th St. resident Vicky Ortiz was the Summer 2001 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at the October 18 general meeting. Ortiz, a member of NNA's tree planting committee and the San Jose Beautification and Barbecue Corps, is an expert tree planter and a veteran of numerous tree plantings in the Northside over the preceding 15 years. Vicki Oriz
Spring 2001 Ana Cisneros
Terrace Drive resident Ana Cisneros is the Spring 2001 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at the June 9 BBQ in Backesto Park. Cisneros went door-to-door on her block to talk with neighbors about, and assist them with, completing and submitting Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) Project Area Committee (PAC) ballots. She even drove ballots to City Hall. Because of her efforts and others, Northside had four representatives elected to the 50-member Citywide PAC, more than any other neighborhood. "She was awesome," says neighbor Carrie Doolittle, who nominated her. Ana Cisneros
Winter 2001 Tammy Wheeler
N. 17th St. resident Tammy Wheeler was the Winter 2001 recipient of NNA's Live Oak Award and was honored at the March 8, 2001 general meeting. Wheeler, past president of Empire Gardens Elementary School PTA and a former NNA board member, was the driving force behind the new Empire Gardens playground. Tammy Wheeler
Fall 2000 Terrace Drive Clean-Up Crew
Mike Bernal, Tony Brager, Mark Holmes and Tom McCasland, all Terrace Drive residents, were collectively the Fall 2000 recipients of NNA's Live Oak Award and were honored at the NNA holiday potluck on December 12, 2000. Bernal, Brager, Holmes and McCasland have been for years sweeping their street of excess debris after weekly garbage/recycling days.  
Summer 2000 Art and Jennifer Olsen
Art and Jennifer Olsen, N. 18th St. residents, were the Summer 2000 recipients of NNA's Live Oak Award and were honored at the September 7, 2000 NNA general meeting. Art and Jennifer, who live adjacent to NNA's award-winning volunteer garden, have for over two years donated the water essential to irrigate the project.  
Spring 2000 Michael Solt
Michael Solt receives NNA Live Oak AwardMichael Solt, a N. 17th St. resident, is the Spring 2000 recipient of the NNA Live Oak Award. Since early 1999 Solt has been mowing for free the front and side lawn of an elderly, low-income neighbor. Solt was presented with his award at NNA's 35th Anniversary Barbecue in Backesto Park on June 10, 2000.

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