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Guadalajara #2 Market

Guadalajara Market Bldg "Have you noticed the beautiful mural at the Guadalajara store? It was many months in the making but was worth the wait.

"Juan Manuel Flores, more commonly called 'Johnny,' speaks enthusiastically about his business. Johnny came with his family from Mexico in 1945. His father and brother worked in construction until enough money was raised to buy the family business. Guadalajara #1, the store on Alum Rock Ave., was opened in 1955. The entire family, brothers and sisters, worked hard to make a go of the business. In 1959 Guadalajara #2 at the corner of 10th and Empire Streets was opened. Another store #3 was opened in 1960. Johnny and his wife, Gloria, the owners of store #2 liked the neighborhood so well they decided to establish their home here on the Northside. Johnny says, 'This is the best move I ever made. The store is conveniently close to home. I intend to live out my life here.'

"The family manufactures Mexican food. Each store has its own bakery, tortilla factory & kitchen for the hot foods that sells 'to go.' The food is delicious, certainly the best place in town, and this is proven by the many people who stop by for lunch. They also sell groceries.

"Johnny and his lovely wife, Gloria, are the proud parents of six daughters, Chelita, Kiko, Gloria, Gabriella & Marisela. The children can be seen helping out, too. The family tradition. They feel the friendliness of the neighborhood and it is reflected back through the friendliness and kindliness of the family. A stop by the store is a must."

--- Joyce Ellington, Northside newsletter, Spring 1981.

Guadalajara #2 won a Living Oak Award from NNA for its mural in September 1981. The mural was painted by Edward Johnson, a Northside resident. According to a 1979 San Jose Magazine piece, Guadalajara #2 "rivals the Super Tacqueria for the best burrito in town."

Guadalajara #2 is located at Empire and 10th Streets. Telephone: (408)294-0545 Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday.

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