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Northside is home to a variety of small (and large businesses), from the more than 90-year-old Chiaramonte's Market on North 13th Street, to the Gordon Biersch bottling plant on Taylor Street. Northside also boasts the "best taco in Silicon Valley," according to the San Jose Mercury News, at Las Brasas restaurant on Julian Street.

According to a recent demographic survey, there are 458 businesses in the Northside employing 3,474 persons. Sixty-five percent of the businesses are service or retail, employing 45 percent of the employees. Manufacturing accounts for slightly more than 10 percent of the businesses, but employs nearly 20 percent of all workers in the Northside.

"A secret neighborhood centers around the corner of Julian and 17th Streets. As with most of the older, Northside of downtown, the area is very pedestrian friendly and features rows and rows of houses from the mid and early parts of the 20th century. At night the white and yellow lights on the trees (put up by [Las Brasas Mexican Restuarant]) provide a charming backdrop for a meal at [Las Brasas], Casa Vicky or Lai Lai Chinese - [all] of which are packed daily with locals."

- Todd Horvitz, San Jose News & Gossip Bulletin, January 20, 2000

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Briar Rose Inn

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Cesar's Flowers


Globetrotter Travel

Mission Hardware

Vision Graphics


A Taste of New Orleans

Bronco's Mexican Food

Casa Vicky

Gecko Grill

Guadalajara #2 Market

Lai Lai's

Las Brasas

Phuong Cat Restaurant

Rollo's Donuts


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