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"Manager Denny N. is always a friendly face at Lai Lai Chinese Restaurant, one of the Northside's finest take-out eateries. I get take-out from Lai Lai's about once a week, and my next-door neighbors swear by Lai Lai's too.

"All of Lai Lai's dishes are tasty - and the menu features a whopping 135 of them. Plus, the portions are generous: one entree will feed at least two people. I am personally fond of Lai Lai's hot and spicy chicken, a tangy specialty with green peppers and onions. It's irresistible. And try their hot and sour soup next time you have a cold. It will definitely clear your sinuses.

* * * *

"Lai Lai's is a great neighbor; stop in sometime soon."

- Don Gagliardi, Northside newsletter, Spring 1997

Lai Lai's is located at 797 E. Julian St., at the northwest corner of 17th St. Telephone: (408) 292-1688. Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, except Sundays.

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