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Northside Bocce Club

What is it?

Bocce is a traditional Italian outdoor bowling game. It is easy to learn and fun to play. The Northside Bocce Club is open to players of all ages and experience levels. The Northside Neighborhood is lucky to have some of the best bocce courts in the western United States. They have been recently renovated with new crushed oyster shell playing surfaces and are ready to be used.

Click this link for official rules: Bocce Rules


Northside's Bocce Courts are in an enclosed area in the center of Backesto Park. Backesto Park is in downtown San Jose with boundaries and parking on North 13th St., North 15th St., East Empire St. and Jackson St.

Free Equipment!

The Neighborhood Association has several sets of bocce balls that you can use for free. Keys to the bocce courts and the loaner sets of bocce balls are available from Rollos Donuts, Chiaramonte's Market and Bronco's Mexican Restaurant at the corner of Backesto Park on E. Empire and N. 13th Streets.

Is there a club?

Not a formal club! If you would like to learn more, meet others who like to play and/or get notification when club members gather to play, join our group on Facebook at Bocce At Backesto Park

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