Dumpster Days

Dumpster Days A neighborhood clean-up day for Northside residents between 17th St. and Coyote Creek is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2001. The cleanup is sponsored by Councilmember Cindy Chavez, the City of San Jose and the Northside Neighborhood Association.

Dumpsters will arrive between 7 and 8 a.m. Free use of dumpsters will be provided at, or near, the following locations:

(1) Mission & N. 19th St.
(2) 753 N. 18th St.
(3) 658 N. 21st St.
(4) Jackson & 22nd St.
(5) 568 N. 19th St.
(6) 454 N. 21st St.
(7) Washington & N. 19th St.

There will be one dumpster for refrigerators, car batteries and tires. Only five tires, without rims, per household are allowed. The dumpster for these items will be locationed at Mission & N. 19th St.

No motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, paint thinner, concrete, fuel cans, chemicals, pesticides or any items which may be recycled with regular garbage service are allowed. Call Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program (299-7300) for disposal of hazardous materials.

Recent previous dumpster days were held on June 19, 1999 for the western part of Northside between N. 6th and N. 13th Sts. and on July 29, 2000 for the central part of Northside between N. 13th and N. 17th Sts. The Northside neighborhood is too large for a single dumpster day for the entire neighborhood.

NNA, along with other neighborhood groups, has urged the City to sponsor annual dumpster days in every neighborhood.

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