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Grafitti on Gas Station

If you see graffiti in progress, do not attempt to interfere: Report it to the police. If in progress, call 911; if afterward, call 311 or, if calling from a cellular phone, (408) 277-3828.

You should know that, by law, you are responsible for cleaning up graffiti on your property. Additionally, painting out graffiti quickly denies vandals the recognition they want. The City of San Jose provides free paint and painting equipment for painting out graffiti. Call the City's anti-graffiti hotline at (408) 277-2758 or the paint bank at (408) 277-5827.

Government agencies will assist with clean-up of graffiti on their property. For graffiti on street signs, call (408) 277-4691; for graffiti on freeway signs or soundwalls, call (510) 536-0413 or (408) 452-7124; for graffiti on County expressways, call 408-299-3446.

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