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Home Improvements

If you qualify, the City of San Jose offers grants and loans for repairs and repainting your home.

Housing Emergency Grant Program. The San Jose Housing Department offers grants up to $7,500, depending on the cost of the project, to cover the cost of emergency home repairs, such as roof repair or replacement, electrical, plumbing, furnace or hot water heater repair. Grants are for owners of residential property whose gross annual income does not exceed the Santa Clara County lower-income level, adjusted for family size. If the cost of repairs exceeds $7,500 the City will offer a low interest loan.

Once a complete application is received and basic program eligibility has been established, the property will be inspected. Bids will then be solicited from at least two approved contractors. Based on the cost proposals from contractors, the grant package is submitted to the Director of Housing for approval.

To determine whether you are eligible, contact Sandra Murillo at the San Jose Housing Department at (408) 448-5937.

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