Local businesses

Our local businesses are our neighbors, too!

Northside is home to a variety of small (and large businesses), from the more than 90-year-old Chiaramonte's Market on North 13th Street, to the Gordon Biersch bottling plant on Taylor Street. Northside also boasts the "best taco in Silicon Valley," according to the San Jose Mercury News, at Las Brasas restaurant on Julian Street.Check out some of our local businesses below:

Featured neighbor

The story and history behind our neighbors gives us more to be proud of. Featured currently is San Jose Barbell. Click below to read an article published through The Mercury News.

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Our neighborhood

"Northside San Jose is the old town. It is nostalgic with turn-of-the-century charm, stained glass leaded windows in Victorian homes, flowered front yards, 50-year-old shade trees, and the stable fierce pride of established foreign-born families. Its blocks are anchored by Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino ancestry, with a later influx of Mexican, Latin and Negro residents. It is like a little United States."
—San Jose Mercury News, May 3, 1966.

The Northside Neighborhood Association (NNA), formed in 1965, is the oldest neighborhood association in the City of San Jose. NNA covers the area bounded by Julian on the south, Hedding on the north, Sixth Street on the west, and Coyote Creek on the east.

Northside San Jose has a rich history rooted in happenings long before the neighborhood association was formed. The people in the Northside appreciate this history and encourage residents new and old to ask why certain things are they way they are—chances are, someone has an answer.

A truly diverse neighborhood

The Northside neighborhood, in close proximity to downtown San Jose, is and always has been, among the city's most diverse. The area was once virtually all Italian, but as the Italians spread throughout the Valley, Black, Filipino, Mexican, and later Vietnamese families moved in with now approximately 15,000 people residing in the Northside San Jose neighborhood alone. Read more demographics through the Santa Clara County website. Read more

A community filled with charming homes

Northsiders take well-earned pride in their neighborhood as seen with the restoration and maintenance of our unique vintage homes.

Nearly two-thirds of all Northside houses were built before 1950 with more than 90 percent of all Northside housing was built before 1970. More than two out three Northsiders moved to the neighborhood within the last decade, more than forty percent within the past five years. Only roughly one in five Northsiders has been in the neighborhood more than fifteen years.

What does the Northside have to offer?

Our Northside Neighborhood is always developing and improving, and it's diverse make-up means it has much to offer. From it's close proximity to downtown to its landmarks, business and restaurants, the Northside can be a destination in and of itself.